The Scottish Prisoner

The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon (Recorded Books, 2011)

Since the library didn’t have A Storm of Swords on CD for my commute, I got this book instead, and continued reading A Storm of Swords in paper (it’s even longer than A Clash of Kings). The Scottish Prisoner takes place in 1760 in England and Ireland, and deals once again with Jacobite conspiracies. The plot was quite absorbing and the characters well-defined, but some of the action was rather crude. I assume that with the name Diana, the author is a woman, so the explicit homosexual sex scenes were unexpected. There was no indication on the plot summary that one of the main characters was gay. Instead, the synopsis on the box talked about a time traveling character who didn’t show up in the plot at all, except for mysterious references to Jamie’s wife Clare who is “gone” but still alive. I got the distinct impression that I had missed something – possibly a whole series worth of books. It turns out this book is related to a seven-volume series that starts with Outlander, which I have placed on hold. Hopefully I’ll meet the time traveling wife in that one, or at least some strong female characters in a world full of men fighting duels.


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