Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Bantam Dell, 1991)

This novel is the first in a long series, in which The Scottish Prisoner (that I reviewed several weeks ago) comes much later. It does explain the situation with Jamie’s wife Claire and her time traveling, although oddly she travels back from 1945, not the present. Despite the time travel, I would consider it primarily historical fiction. Writing from the point of view of a modern woman commenting on 18th century culture is an interesting slant, although technically the author would be doing that anyway. I’m certainly learning a lot about how the colonial-era British treated homosexuality and gender, as well as their primitive medical care. As an American I really only learned about the 18th century in colonial America, not in Scotland. Apparently they burned witches there too, and hearing “the Redcoats are coming” struck fear into Jacobites as much as American patriots.

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Filed under Historical fiction, Romance, Science fiction, United Kingdom

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