Babylon Sisters

Babylon Sisters by Pearl Cleage (One World/Ballantine, 2006)

You don’t have to be black to enjoy Pearl Cleage’s novels.  She writes in a middle class voice without ghetto slang and mannerisms, so everyone can relate to her characters. However the storyline about a single black mother (of one child) who is now a hugely successful professional is one I’ve read several times before from black novelists. Frankly it’s becoming less and less plausible in today’s economy that anyone could be so in demand that people offer them jobs out of the blue. Also, I wonder if these novelists realize that it is only the fact that their heroines had babies out of wedlock while barely out of their teens that means they can still be under 40 and gorgeous when their kids graduate high school. I won’t give away the ending but it is a surprise, at least to naive readers like me. And of course, she gets her man.


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