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The Land That Could Be

The land that could be: environmentalism and democracy in the twenty-first century by William A. Shutkin (MIT Press, 2000).

This is an academic book by a lecturer in Urban  Planning at MIT, but it contains some excellent ideas which are worthy of wider dispersal. Shutkin introduces the concept of “civic environmentalism,” which integrates environmental issues into the broader concerns of citizens of a particular place, such as economic development, democracy and social justice issues. It’s similar to the “systems engineering” or “ecosystem” approach to problem solving, which views problems as interconnected, not separate from each other. People don’t just want a cleaner environment, they want equitable access to jobs and housing too. Rather than set these goals in opposition, civic environmentalism tries to achieve them all. This brings in the support of many more people than a single-minded focus on conserving the environment would. It is also about “grass-roots” organizing for projects that make the community you live in better and more sustainable. Four projects (in Boston, Oakland, Denver and northern New Jersey) are highlighted. It would be very interesting to learn whether these projects are still going strong since the economic crash of the late 2000’s.


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Age of Miracles

The age of miracles by Karen Thompson Walker (Random House, 2012)

As the world starts to look more and more like the dystopias imagined in the previous century, the line between traditional fiction and science fiction is blurring. In this novel, the sun suddenly slows down in its rotation, making every day longer. Within a year, the day is over 40 hours long. Soon there are solar storms, the earth’s magnetic field develops holes, and the Earth develops an urgent need for a good back-up planet. Yet, the story centers on a normal middle school girl, attempting to lead an ordinary life (puberty even) in the midst of end-of-the-world catastrophe. You will find yourself wondering if someday you will be nostalgic for daily showers and air conditioning too.

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