A Breath of Snow and Ashes

A breath of snow and ashes by Diana Gabaldon (Recorded Books, 2005).

This was it, the big finale to the double trilogy. Forty-eight discs on CD that took me 6 weeks to listen to in the car (and I have a long commute). It was excellent, although the ending was slightly anti-climactic; they didn’t die in the fire that the old newspaper clipping they read 200 years in the future said they would. I was surprised, since everything else happened as history predicted. But after 6 very long books, I guess the author couldn’t bear to kill off the two main characters so dramatically, and who can blame her? At least she finally killed off the heinous pirate who had been following the characters throughout the books. Jamie and Claire, on the other hand, lived happily ever after, as they deserved to.


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Filed under Historical fiction, Romance

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