The Introvert Advantage

The Introvert Advantage: Making the most of your inner strengths by Marti Olson Laney (Workman Publishing, 2002)

This is an excellent, insightful book which is very helpful to introverts. The concept of an “advantage” is basically just to sell the book –she never mentions any specific advantages.  Laney makes similar arguments to those made by Susan Cain in Quiet, but her focus is different so the book doesn’t feel redundant. She has a private psychotherapy practice focusing on introverts, so her examples come from her clients. Susan Cain, by contrast, is a former attorney who explores the subject of introversion more like a journalist, interviewing various people about their experiences. They both come to the same conclusion, that introverts really are different, but that they are just as healthy and normal as extroverts. Both books are essential reading for introverts who want to understand themselves better and be more comfortable in their own bodies.


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