Past Perfect

Past Perfect by Susan Isaacs (Scribner, 2007).

I chose this book because I remembered enjoying another novel by Susan Isaacs called “Shining Through.” While Past Perfect isn’t terrible, it is not as good as Shining Through. The plot is similar in some ways – apparently Isaacs likes to write about spying, international politics, Germany, and young love. I think this novel is less interesting to me because it takes place in the present day, not the 1940s. The “past” of the title is 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell. That was an interesting time, but since she is viewing it from the present day, we don’t really learn much about it. I do sympathize with her primary plot problem, which is trying to find out why she was let go from the CIA 15 years previously with no explanation. That would really bother me too, especially if it made it nearly impossible to find subsequent employment as happened to Katie. In the end she does find out what happened.

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