Web Service APIs and Libraries

Web Service APIs and Libraries by Jason Paul Michel (American Library Association, 2013).

This useful and clearly written manual explains how to use Web Service APIs (application programming interfaces) to make library widgets connecting library users to web applications such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Charts, Google Books, LibraryThing, GoodReads, HathiTrust, and OCLC. All the examples are geared to a librarian with some web programming experience, and provide enough detail to implement them.

Mentoring and Managing Students in the Academic Library by Michelle Reale (American Library Association, 2013) .

This is a very down to earth guide for supervisors of student workers in college and university libraries. It includes advice about hiring, training, and engaging student workers; teaching students professional behavior, motivating them to do quality work, and what to do when things derail. It’s not just about supervision in a library though; Reale explains how librarians need to mentor student workers as they evolve during their college years in what is usually their first job.

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