The Forever Girl

The Forever Girl by Alexander McCall Smith (Recorded Books 2014)

While Alexander McCall Smith’s books are always more about love and philosophy than action, things actually happen in this novel that make you want to keep reading (or listening in my case) to find out what happens next. This book is particularly interesting because large parts of it take place in the Cayman Islands, an exotic Caribbean tax haven for the rich. Unlike the 44 Scotland Place series, which switches between several stories with different primary characters, this book follows a girl called Clover from childhood through early adulthood. She does move to Edinburgh for high school and college, but visits her home in the Caymans often and spends time in Singapore and Australia at the end of the book. Her mother has a key role in the story, as does Clover’s friend and love interest, James. Although this is a love story between heterosexuals, gay characters are starting to show up in sympathetic roles in McCall Smith’s novels. Astute readers will notice that the men are always described in detail (usually as beautiful or gorgeous) while the women are never described at all. I will not reveal whether Clover gets her boy in the end, since that would spoil it for you.


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