Imagine a socialist USA

Imagine living in a Socialist USA – edited by Frances Goldin, Debby Smith, and Michael Steven Smith (Harper Collins Publishers, 2014).

This book was recommended by a friend but I didn’t realize until I checked it out that is a collection of essays by a variety of people. There is some basic coherence to the vision, since all the authors believe in socialism, but their specific ideas differ. The book begins, of course, with an explanation of “What’s Wrong with Capitalism,” but quickly moves on to what the USA would actually look like under socialism. There is some effort to analyze what went wrong with socialism under the Soviets and the Chinese, such as their devolution into a totalitarian political structure and their concept of nationalizing industries and running them from the top down. In a socialist USA, democracy in the political arena would be extended to the economic arena, so workers would run enterprises.

Each essay describes how a different aspect of U.S. society would be different (and generally better) under socialism – economics and finance, law and justice, education, health care, the media, the arts, science and technology, immigration, racism and gender issues. One significant area never mentioned in the book was religion, which was suppressed under all 20th century communist regimes. In the last section of the book writers offer various scenarios for the transition between capitalism and socialism, using the Occupy movement as a jumping off point for the inevitable revolution. Although I think it would have been stronger if written in one voice, this book will start some interesting conversations among left-leaning Americans.


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