Yes, please

Yes, please by Amy Poehler (HarperCollins Publishers, 2014)

If there is a hold list for this book at your library like there was at mine, be patient. This one is worth waiting for: it’s the hilarious memoir of television comedy Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler. I only recently started watching Park and Recreation, which just ended, but I enjoy it a lot. From her memoir I learned about Amy’s earlier career in improvisational comedy, which culminated in several years on Saturday Night Live. She is friends with even more famous SNL star Tina Fey, as well as my favorite cultural historian Sarah Vowell. But this is not a collection of gossip and name-dropping. Amy Poehler reveals herself to be a strong feminist woman with a clear understanding of how fortunate she is – both with her career and her family. She loves her life in comedy and acting, values her friends and all the people who help her, and comes off sounding a bit like Leslie Knope.

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