Timeline by Michael Crichton (Alfred A. Knopf, 1999)

I learned about this science fiction novel from the late 90s in a book review of another book, and decided to track it down. It was definitely worth it. Crichton became famous several decades ago for Jurassic Park, which was made into a successful (and terrifying) motion picture about dinosaurs come to life. This story about archeologists who travel through time to the 14th century French setting of their dig is equally (if not more) violent and gory, so if there is ever a movie I won’t be watching it. As a book where the images stay safely on the page, however, it was excellent. Every chapter is simply titled with the countdown timer telling how many hours they have left until the battery dies that powers the chip that will take them back. The two men and one woman spend basically the entire book from the moment they land in the 14th century running for their lives and trying not to get killed. Just read the book: it’s very exciting.


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Filed under Historical fiction, Science fiction

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