Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson (Hatchette, 2015)

This saga of the far future is similar in style to Robinson’s previous novel, 2312. In his descriptions of Earth he casually mentions the major changes that have occurred due to climate change, such as the coastlines that have been profoundly altered. Climate change is an important issue for Robinson, which he focuses on in the “Science in the Capital” trilogy as well as in 2312. But most of this book takes place aboard a starship en route to the planet Aurora in the constellation Tau Ceti. It is rightfully called a saga because the time span of the book is several centuries, and the ship itself dictates the story. The style of the ship (a modular creation with biomes housing nearly two thousand people) will be familiar to those who read his Mars trilogy. Despite the familiar elements, this is a unique story with some interesting insights. If you’re a fan of Robinson’s work, you’ll enjoy his latest.


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