The Assistants

The Assistants: a novel by Camille Perri (Putnam, 2016)

Although this novel starts out like one of those chick-lit stories about a young woman working in New York City, it turns into something different. There is a romance, but it’s not the main point of the book. The plot turns around an embezzlement scheme involving a number of educated young women who have been working as assistants to rich people for enough years that it no longer seems glamorous.  They are fed up with their huge student loan payments, their tiny run-down apartments, and buying luxuries for their bosses on a daily basis with sums of money that could make a big difference to their own lives if it was theirs. The main character, Tina, falls into the scheme accidentally, but makes a conscious choice to continue it.  She only avoids jail because she obtains evidence that her boss has done much worse. But in the end she makes it all good.

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