Sleeping giants

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel (Del Rey, 2016)

I am happy to report that another excellent new science fiction writer has entered the scene. This writer is not from New Jersey like the ones in my recent posts; he is French-Canadian.  The story takes place primarily in the United States, but one of the characters is a French-Canadian linguist.  It’s hard to say exactly who the “main” character is. The physicist who initially discovers the giant robot hand doesn’t survive to the end of the book. The linguist plays an important role but the ex-military pilot has a bigger one.  The one character who appears throughout is the unnamed person who conducts interviews with the others. This book is subtitled “Book 1” because the story is clearly left unfinished at the end. The giant robot has been assembled from buried pieces found around the world, and the pilot has learned to operate it using the helmet and gloves, but international politics have put a halt to further exploration of the robot’s rather scary capabilities. I look forward to reading the next installment when it comes out.

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