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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn (Liveright Publishing, 2016)

This novel illustrates the danger of judging books by their covers. The cover of this book was yellow and orange, very cheerful, talking about the sun coming, etc. The actual book was one of the most depressing novels I’ve ever read. I feel like I need a shower to get clean again after reading it. All three of the main characters were basically terrible women with no redeeming qualities, except maybe for the youngest girl. But the author doesn’t even tell us how her life turns out, instead focusing on the other two sickos. it’s not just that this is the story of a very impoverished Jamaica family – if they were just poor and disadvantaged, the reader could feel some sympathy. No, these are women who make their living as prostitutes, treat their children like dirt, sell them into sexual slavery and rape, and constantly tell them they are worthless because of the color of their skin. The author should not be allowed to make any money for writing this trash.


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The Sunlight Pilgrims

The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan (Hogarth, 2016)

This novel has a simple plot with a high impact. It takes place in the winter of 2020, not too long from now, in the UK. The main character leaves London when his mother dies and leaves him a home in a trailer park in northern Scotland. Due to climate change, the winter is much, much colder than normal (even for northern Scotland) – essentially a new Ice Age. He makes friends with his neighbors, a single woman and her transgender teen, and they get through the winter together. That’s it, but it’s worth reading.

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