All-Electric America

All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future by S. David Freeman and Leah Y. Parks (Solar Flare Press, 2016)

In this optimistic paperback, the authors make a persuasive case that converting the United States to an all-renewable energy supply by 2050 is not only desirable, but possible. They say quite definitely on the first page that we can in fact supply all our energy needs with renewable energy now. We have the technology to replace all of our electricity capacity (about one million MW) with solar and wind sources within the next 35 years. We can fuel all our transportation, heating, and industrial needs with renewable electric power, and do so more cheaply than we do now. Not only has the cost of solar and wind come down tremendously, there is now energy storage technology available to make 100% reliance on renewable sources feasible. Read this book and share the good news!


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